Amp’d 4 the WAPT

Writing the Wits WAPT in September 2019? Join our Whatsapp Group for updates on upcoming tutorials and check out the description for resources to help you study!

The schedule for the tutorials and mock WAPT exams are as follows:

WAPT 2019



Wits WAPT 2019 – Tips and Advice!

Here is a video with some tips and advice for the upcoming Wits WAPT scheduled for 13 September 2019. Thanks so much to Simon, Michska, and Jan for their help on this video!

WAPT date: 13 Sept 2019
MOCK WAPT date (our practice exam): *31st August* (TBC)

Whatsapp WAPT Group:


Notes and summaries to study:

Podcast (mp3) of the information session (2018):

The tutorial schedule and YouTube playlist will be added ASAP!


Exam Week – Block 2 BCMH 2

It’s crazy to think that in a weeks time we will be finished our second block of medicine already! It has been an endless blur of lectures and countless hours spent studying in the library, and the ever-increasing workload seems never-ending – but it is everything I hoped for! I am honestly enjoying medical school more than I can say!

We write our second block exams this coming week, and then we’re gifted an entire week off! That little holiday is a beacon of light and a great motivator to use every remaining bit of energy we have now to study, and it will all be over in four days! Here’s a video of the past week spent preparing for these exams!

Wits GEMP Class of 2022 Student Stories: Barbara Moller

By Barbara Moller

My Story (Nutshell Version)

I never knew what I actually wanted to become or do with my life. My matric results from 1996 were probably good enough to get me into medicine and my father tried hard to convince me to choose a career in medicine. At that stage I wasn’t interested. In retrospect, mainly because I was afraid and didn’t believe that I would be able to do it…not very rational, I know. I probably needed more time to grow up and to experience life a little.

I studied BSc (Agric) Food Science & Technology between 1997 and 2000 at Tuks. In 2001 I landed a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep almost by accident. I was forced out of my comfort zone and developed skills and confidence that I found to be very valuable for life in general. Being a sales rep allows for a lot of flexibility as you plan and manage your own time to a large extent. This suited me especially after my children were born. My daughter was born in 2005 and my son in 2007.

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Wits Medicine Applications 2020

With the applications for the Wits Graduate Entry Medical Program opening up on 1 March 2019, I thought it would be a good idea to open up this space for any questions that you may have regarding your applications to study medicine at Wits (either through GEMP or the first-year program). Leave them in the comment section either here or in the video below, and I will get them answered directly through the faculty.

Hopefully that helps with your applications and any uncertainty you may be having at the moment!

To those who are thinking of applying, GOOD LUCK!